FMA was established in 2004 by Jo. Within a year, Andrew, one of the most skilled and experienced financial modellers in the industry, was appointed director – bringing together senior experience from Deloitte and Arthur Andersen.

With an acute sense of the place financial models occupy FMA’s experience of corporate finance, financial planning and investment add yet further to the success of clients’ financial modelling & analysis projects in the real world.

Andrew Pearce


Andrew is a director of Financial Modelling Associates with over twenty years’ experience in financial and business modelling for UK and international clients He is a highly effective modeller, analyst and solution developer with experience of a wide range of sectors and modelling problems. He has developed modelling methodologies and tools for leading business modelling groups and now specialises in delivering effective modelling solutions with a particular emphasis on clarity, trust in results, and true client ownership.

His work has ranged from fund management, asset management, valuations, project finance, refinancing, corporate planning, operational financial systems, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, securitisation, benchmarking, data management to market modelling. He has a particular focus in financial services, fund management, energy and the emerging green economy.

Jo Costello


Jo has over twenty years’ modelling and business analysis experience which commenced with five years in the Deloitte Corporate Finance team.

The majority of his time at Deloitte was spent reviewing high profile deal models, across numerous industry sectors, developed by investment banks and large multi-nationals in time-critical engagements. It is this experience that helped Jo identify, scrutinise and adopt best practice modelling solutions. Jo’s analytical skills enable him to apply himself quickly to new industry sectors with a keen focus on a client’s requirements.

His overriding objective is to make financial models as clear and as simple as possible, so that clients can have an enhanced confidence in a model which will provide them with valuable insight into a project’s dynamics and a solid basis for decision-making.