FMA has significant experience in model development as well as audit including 16 years with a Big 4 practice


Centrica plc

FMA developed an algorithm for daily trading optimization for a Dutch gas fired power station over a 4 year rolling term


Equitix Fund Management

FMA developed a sophisticated modelling system for a leading fund manager investing in public services and infrastructure in the UK


Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility

FMA developed a model that can be used to simulate power market settlement calculations under a wide range of scenarios.


Network Rail

FMA developed a strategic and financial planning model that could combine historic data, current plans and longer term forecasts from a wide range of departments into an integrated view of the business for up to thirty years into the future.

We deliver a top quality financial and business modelling service to the financial, corporate and public sectors.

Our people are career-dedicated modellers who thrive on the challenge of transforming your needs and ideas into clearly understandable, powerful tools for decision making. Our relationship with our clients does not end with building a spreadsheet – we believe in developing partnerships through which we can provide anything from advice, training, and methodologies as well as our range of development and review services.

Whether you require a trustworthy model for raising finance or a sophisticated corporate planning model, we have the capability to deliver. We do know our limits however and do not presume to understand your business better than you do. We know from over twenty years of experience that a successful modelling project requires the combination of your knowledge with our expertise. We also understand the importance of listening to you and tailoring our approach accordingly – the models we develop are our clients, not ours.

Experience and passion for financial modelling is combined in Financial Modelling Associates to provide you with an unparalleled level of service. By minimizing our overheads and focussing our effort, we deliver outstanding value for money.

Our clients know the quality of our work and have the confidence to ask us back.
That is what we believe it takes.