There are various phases of a model development and we can assist you with any or all of them. We do however recognise the reality of a lack of boundaries between phases and are experienced in balancing the various pressures of time, change, and need for accuracy.


Working with you to assess your modelling requirements and develop the design and a detailed specification for the model. We are flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements whilst we develop and test the model.


We develop your model in an iterative manner, allowing you to comment, test and direct effort throughout the development. Our aim is that by the time we start testing the model, you will feel confident enough to use it.


Testing starts during development so that useful results can be obtained early. We believe in a collaborative approach – checking output with you, resolving any issues identified and gaining your acceptance of the model. We also have some unique spreadsheet testing methods based on our deep understanding of spreadsheet development.


Using the model in anger can be when you need our support most. We believe in establishing long-term relationships so that we can provide you with the best model maintenance services and support.


We believe that financial models should stand alone and not require weighty, technical paper manuals. Our focus goes on user-friendliness and clarity of both assumptions and results within the model, accompanied by high-quality, focussed documentation written from the user’s perspective.

We can join you at any stage of the modelling process – we will not insist on rebuilding your existing model. Our adaptable approach means we can adapt existing models or help you develop a new model. We do not apply a rigid modelling methodology or style. Our experience has taught us that different situations require different approaches – we adapt to the style that most suits your requirements and the way you use financial models.